Advent Cogic | History of Advent
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Our Church History

Advent Church of God In Christ

The Church of the Advent began in the early 1940’s as the Bright Star Holiness Church in the Crestwood section of Chesapeake , VA. The property was donated by the late Mr. Moses Blow. The Reverend Pigford guided the congregation until he was called by his country to serve in the military. The late Elder Eivens was appointed as pastor by the late Bishop David C. Love. After a short term as pastor, Elder Eivens moved on to pastor another congregation. Superintendent Joe Rome Spence sent the late Elder Thurlen Burton to serve as pastor. However, Elder Burton decided after two weeks that Bright Star was not where his destiny was leading him. Consequently, Elder Spence sent the late Elder John T. Thoroughgood, Sr. to be the shepherd over this congregation. Along with his wife, the late Missionary Mildred Thoroughgood, and children, a great ministry began.


Under the leadership of Elder John Thoroughgood the church became active in the community and became known for its stand for holy living. Elder Thoroughgood purchased property adjacent to the rear of the church which allowed for some expansion. However, efforts to purchase additional properties were unsuccessful, thereby limiting the possibilities of expanding the ministry.

Of the many souls that were involved in the ministry at Bright Star, two Bishops arose. Bishop Ted Thomas and Bishop Barnett K. Thoroughgood both had their early training at Bright Star. Many other notable workers found their calling at Bright Star.


In January of 1979, God called Elder John Thoroughgood to his eternal reward. The task of leading the church forward was appointed to Elder YD B. Thoroughgood, by Bishop Samuel L. Green, Jr., at the gravesite of Elder John Thoroughgood. Pastor YD Thoroughgood was officially installed as pastor in 1980. With the change in leadership several families decided to move their membership to other churches. However, Elder YD Thoroughgood stood fast and preached the gospel until God began to stir up souls in the Crestwood community. Within a few years the congregation began to overflow. The church was remodeled, but limited space caused Elder Thoroughgood to begin seeking more accommodating facilities so that the ministry would be able to grow.


In 1993 Elder Thoroughgood asked the congregation to consider relocating to a larger facility in the South Norfolk area of Chesapeake . With the affirmation of the congregation, the process began to acquire a vacant commercial building that would allow for the desired expansion. At this time Pastor Thoroughgood desired to give the ministry a new name. The Lord gave to him the name “Church of the Advent.”

The Church of the Advent began to fellowship in its new location and remained there for two years. Due to political pressure from the city of Chesapeake , however, the Church of the Advent was asked to vacate this location, and for the next five years held worship services in school auditoriums and community centers. Miraculously, God added new souls to the congregation in every location. Finally, God blessed the Church of the Advent to purchase a vacant building on Bells Mill Rd. in Chesapeake , where the Church is presently worshipping. Although many obstacles stood in the way, God blessed and supplied everything that was necessary to prepare the building for worship.


In the month of September 2001, the Church of the Advent took possession of the property. Work began on the building in October 2001. The first major task was to replace the wall and foundation on the right side of the auditorium because the wall was leaning out about eight inches. Because all the windows were removed, new windows had to be installed throughout the auditorium.  The first worship service was held on Sunday, November 4, 2001. Pastor Thoroughgood desired to beautify the Lord’s house and proceeded to begin the renovation of the auditorium to the glory of God. The vision for the Church of the Advent is yet unfolding and God is already showing his approval on this work by sending new souls to further support the ministry.


In September of 2016, Pastor Waddee B. Thoroughgood Jr was installed as senior Pastor of Church of the Advent COGIC.